for Port Moody Council 2022




I look forward to being a representative of our community and providing an accessible bridge to refocus the direction of Port Moody council to benefit its residents. 

It is time for Port Moody to live within its means.

Richard Biedka for Port Moody Councillor
October 15th, 2022.


“Having purchased a home and raised his family over the last thirty years in Port Moody, Richard became alarmed at the rate at which his property taxes were increasing.

Using his business background Richard has spent the last 5 years studying and formulating a plan to reshape the finances of Port Moody.

I believe Richard would bring a fiscally responsible approach to City Council.”

Gerry Nuttal, former Port Moody City Councillor


︎Reduction of City Spending

Port Moody has to live within its means and take steps to improve affordability.

︎Environmental Sensitive Areas (ESA)

I do not support this bylaw change, as it is contradictory and restricts the autonomy of homeowners. The proposal needs more community input and adjustments before being implemented into practice.

︎Affordability & Housing 

Port Moody needs to embrace new home construction of all types and capitalize on the Development Cost Charges (DCC); Community Amenity Charges (CAC) and Density Bonus Fees (DB) which impact quality of life and affordability in Port Moody.